Instructions for Good Video Quality

Sopranos and Altos must sing in female octave. Tenors and Basses must sing in male octave. Note sopranos there are 3 “new” notes in the chorus “When we all see” Sol do mi do

Practice your part with these videos.

Complete mix for playback on phone, tablet or chromebook

Soprano for playback on phone, tablet or chromebook

Alto for playback on phone, tablet or chromebook

Tenor for playback on phone, tablet or chromebook

Bass for playback on phone, tablet or chromebook

-Use lamps or a window to light your face

-solid background

-camera at eye level

-eyes looking at (or near) camera

-mic not obstructed

-quiet room – turn off air conditioners, fans etc.

-let us see the Joy on your face.

You should use two phones or a phone and a tablet or Chromebook.  You can play the teleprompter video on the phone in the back while recording on the phone in the front. This will help you to keep your eyes near the camera. Phones have no fan noise unlike most laptops.  Notice how I stacked books on top of cereal boxes on the kitchen table in order to bring the phone to my seated eye level. Unfortunately some phones only have a mic on the bottom so you’ll have to test-record to see if the mic is picking up well. I hear a music stand works well to hold your devices. Raise it to eye level (likely have to sit).

Follow the instructions on the video to leave your earbud unplugged till the beep sounds so we get that sound on the recording. (Helps me sync up all the singers) Then plug in your ear buds. Sing with just one in your ear and the other tucked in the back of your shirt.

Once you have finished recording, listen and watch carefully to see if you have excellent sound and sharp well composed video. If not, fix and re-record.

Upload your video here: and pay me so we can continue to do these in the future. We are charging what a normal music lesson costs and we have a couple discounts you can take advantage of. Note we will only take 50 singers.